External guideline #11: Application overview for prospective self-insurers

A brief overview of the application process for becoming a self-insurer.


What it contains

Self-insurance gives eligible employers the option to manage and bear the costs and risks of their own claims. However, you must first get approval from WorkSafe, who will determine whether you are 'fit and proper' to be a self-insurer.

This guideline provides a brief overview of the application process applicable to Victorian employers considering making an application to become a self-insurer. It should be read together with the more detailed guidance published by WorkSafe Victoria (WorkSafe) in the remaining External Guidelines, available on WorkSafe's website.


  • Who can apply for approval as a self-insurer?
  • Timeframe for applying for self-insurance
  • Matters taken into account by WorkSafe
  • Assessment fee
  • Duration of approval
  • Self-insurer ongoing requirements
  • Further information