Factsheet for overseas workers

Information for workers about how payments of compensation entitlements are made.


What it contains

Receiving your payments

Compensation payments for injured workers living overseas are paid weekly. The process of paying compensation is the same as injured workers who live in Australia.

To receive your payments on time, it is recommended you become a direct payee of your WorkSafe agent and have a valid Australian bank account. If you’re not a direct payee, you can arrange this with your WorkSafe agent.

It is also recommended you seek independent advice regarding how moving overseas will affect your taxation status and what you may need to do in relation to this.

How to receive your payments

You are required to provide a Certificate of Capacity to receive your weekly compensation entitlements. The certificate provided should reflect your capacity to work for the next three months.

You also need to provide your Statement of Identity, signed and witnessed by the treating healthcare provider who issues your Certificate of Capacity.

Further information

For information about support and entitlements, please contact your WorkSafe agent.