Fatigue in mines: A handbook for earth resources industry

Guidance on how to manage and reduce or eliminate fatigue in the earth resources industry.


What it contains

Fatigue is a recognised health and safety risk in the earth resources industry. This handbook outlines the occupational health and safety duties of mine operators to develop strategies to prevent injuries associated with fatigue. It explains:

  • what are fatigue-related risk factors
  • how to conduct and document fatigue-related workplace risk assessments
  • how to control these risks
  • how to develop a fatigue management plan
  • ways to consult with employees to manage fatigue in the workplace
  • how to monitor, evaluate and review fatigue management procedures

This document also outlines how employees can:

  • understand work and non-work related risks of fatigue
  • understand and contribute to developing fatigue management plans and procedures
  • manage non-work activities to reduce or eliminate fatigue-related risks

At the end of the document, there is:

  • a fatigue hazards checklist
  • a list of definitions used in this document
  • a list of relevant references and further reading