Guide to challenging behaviour risk prevention in specialist schools

How to reduce or eliminate the health and safety risks of challenging behaviour in specialist schools.


What it contains

Students in specialist schools can have challenging behaviours, from threats or acts of physical violence or needing physical help to move. This guide advises employers how they can reduce health and safety risks in specialist schools. It explains:

  • why employers need to consult with people affected by these risks
  • who to consult, and how to consult with people affected by these risks
  • how to identify the hazards associated with challenging behaviour
  • how to conduct a risk assessment
  • how to put in place appropriate risk control measures both inside and outside the workplace environment
  • how to identify and manage work systems to reduce or eliminate these risks
  • how to assess and introduce training for people affected by challenging behaviours
  • how to identify, provide and manage incident management procedures and systems
  • how to review and audit your risk prevention measures

You can use this document as a worksheet to document your specific workplace needs.