Handling large, bulky or awkward items guide

How to reduce or eliminate workplace health and safety risks for employees handling large, bulky or awkward items.
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Apr 2012

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40 pages

What it contains

Employees can be injured when handling large, bulky and awkward items. This guide provides advice for employers to review the way they package and manage items to reduce injury risks. It explains:

  • ways to review packaging for large, awkward and bulky items
  • how to use mechanical aids, such as forklifts and powered pallet movers
  • control measures to manage items, including redesigning the workplace to use powered mechanical aids or redesigning the item to make it a compact load
  • how to influence suppliers and customers to change the way items are packaged
  • how to use a comparative chart for different workplaces to determine the high, medium or low injury risks when handling items

At the end of the guide, there is a range of tools you can use for more information.

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