Hazardous manual handling: Review and revision of risk control measures

How to review and revise risk control measures for the workplace health and safety risks of hazardous manual handling.
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Feb 2019

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As an employer, you have legal duties to protect workers from the risk of musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) associated with hazardous manual handling. MSDs can develop over time. A report of a back injury from twisting to pick up papers during an administrative task may not be the main or only cause of the injury, if that person’s usual work is order picking in a warehouse. Only looking at the task that is the subject of a report of injury doesn't always give a clear picture of the risk control measures that may need review. This document tells you:

  • when to review risk control measures
  • how to review risk control measures
  • the least to most protective and reliable risk control measures
  • how to revise risk control measures

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