Horse stables and track riding safety

A guide to health and safety for stables and horse training facilities.


What it contains

Stables and horse training facilities present unique health and safety risks. This guide explains how to control them and is useful for:

  • employers
  • employees
  • health and safety representatives
  • contractors

The guide features safe work practices and work practices to avoid. Topics covered include:

  • the health and safety duties of employers and employees
  • identifying hazards
  • stable safety, including training, managing fatigue, workplace layout, housekeeping, electrical safety, hazardous goods and handling, quad bikes and transporting horses
  • plant and facilities, including horse swimming pools, washes, treadmills, walkers, sand rolls and bull rings
  • track riding safety, including track induction, supervision, identifying hazards on tracks, personal protective equipment, vehicle and pedestrian crossings, practice gates and jump outs

At the end of the document, there is a visual inspection checklist for riders’ vests, helmets and boots, a stable inspection checklist and a register of injuries.