How inspectors deal with specific issues: A guide for workplaces

How WorkSafe inspectors deal with specific issues in workplaces.
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Sep 2016

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Please note

This guidance is currently being updated to reflect changes made by the Workplace Safety Legislation and Other Matters Amendment Act 2022, the Occupational Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2021, and the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Infringements and Miscellaneous Matters) Regulations 2021. Some contents may not reflect the current state of the legislation.

What it contains

This document outlines the role of WorkSafe inspectors, under occupational health and safety (OHS) laws. This includes:

  • entry to a workplace, reports and notices
  • how Victorian OHS laws apply at Commonwealth workplaces
  • collecting samples
  • failure to consult on OHS matters
  • inspector roles with designated work group and health and safety representative matters
  • issue resolution
  • work cessation
  • matters related to PINs
  • allegations of discrimination
  • workplace bullying
  • ARREOs (authorised representatives of registered employee organisations)
  • timeframes for inspectors to respond to service requests or notifiable incidents
  • offences against inspectors
  • providing feedback on an inspector visit
  • internal review of certain decisions