Labour hire templates: Engaging with the host employer

Labour hire providers can use these templates when they are first contacted by a host employer to assess the occupational health and safety of the host organisation and proposed workplace.


What it contains

In response to the 2016 inquiry into Labour Hire and insecure work, a number of actions were highlighted for WorkSafe to undertake to strengthen the messaging to the Labour Hire Industry. As part of this focus, WorkSafe has undertaken a review of the online guidance material that targets labour hire providers, labour hire workers and the host employers. The timing of this review and the refresh of the material ensures WorkSafe has clear information available to the industry.

Templates included in this document:

  • Assessment of a host employer’s system for managing occupational health and safety
  • First contact checklist – host employer
  • Hazard register
  • Monitoring inspection record
  • Labour hire provider occupational health and safety 'health check'

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