Non-hazardous waste and recyclable materials

Occupational health and safety guidelines for the collection, transport and unloading of non-hazardous waste and recyclable materials.
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Jul 2003

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What it contains

These guidelines apply to systems of work used for the collection, compaction, and transfer of: non-hazardous domestic and commercial waste and recyclable materials collected for further processing. They cover the collection of:

  • kerbside domestic waste
  • kerbside recyclables (excluding clothing)
  • commercial waste (excluding liquids or hazardous substances)

Contents include:

  • occupational health and safety (OHS) responsibilities for employers
  • systems for managing health and safety
  • responsibilities in relation to plant
  • specific hazards, such as manual handling, working at heights, noise, heat and cold, fatigue, dangerous goods, hazardous substances and working in compactors
  • equipment specifications for waste collection vehicles