Piling work and foundation engineering sites: A guide to managing safety

How to manage safety in piles and deep foundation engineering (PF) work.


What it contains

This guide outlines the industry standards to safely operate and maintain PF equipment, and is useful for:

  • employers and workers in the PF industry
  • contractors managing PF works
  • health and safety representatives

The guide explains:

  • how occupational health and safety laws apply to workplaces using PF equipment
  • when to report workplace incidents to WorkSafe
  • how to plan to work safely by consulting with employees and the principal contractors, identifying and controlling hazards and designing working platforms to support PF equipment
  • how to set up equipment, including piling and foundation working platforms, rigs, and operational safety and exclusion zones,
  • what type of supervision and training is needed for workers on PF sites
  • when to inspect and maintain equipment

At the end of the document, there are the following resources:

  • an operator log book
  • a piling working platform certificate
  • a sample training outline and assessment criteria for training rig operators