Preventing and managing work-related stress: A guide for employers (PDF version)

How to prevent and manage employees' work-related stress.


What it contains

Stress is not an injury or an illness, however it can have a negative effect on employees' health, safety and wellbeing and can lead to psychological injury. This guide can help employers recognise psychosocial hazards that, if left unmanaged, may increase the risk of stress and psychological injury.


  1. Introduction to preventing and managing work-related stress
  2. The effects of work-related stress
  3. Psychosocial hazards contributing to work-related stress
  4. A risk management approach to work-related stress
  5. Implementing a work-related stress risk management process
  6. Early intervention for work-related stress – what managers need to know
  7. Work-related stress – low job control
  8. Work-related stress – high and low job demands
  9. Work-related stress – poor support
  10. Work-related stress – poor organisational change management
  11. Work-related stress – poor organisational justice
  12. Work-related stress – low recognition and reward
  13. Work-related stress – low role clarity
  14. Work-related stress – poor workplace relationships
  15. Work-related stress – poor environmental conditions
  16. Work-related stress – remote and isolated work
  17. Work-related stress – violent or traumatic events