Psychology treatment review form

A form for psychologists to complete with the worker they are treating within 9 months of treatment.


Purpose of the form

One of the ways that agents may engage with providers to review a worker's recovery, is to request a Psychology treatment review form. The form refers to the information and goals described in the Psychology treatment planning form (PS604) and provides a format for reviewing progress with the plan.

The form aims to achieve the below.

  1. Assist you in reviewing treatment to date.
  2. Help the worker review their goals to guide their treatment team.
  3. Improve treatment by providing information to other clinicians involved in the worker's care.
  4. Inform the agent about the worker's treatment needs and progress.
  5. Ensure treatment remains appropriate and follows the Clinical framework for the delivery of health services.

Psychologists should complete this form in session with the worker they are treating. The form should be completed when clinically appropriate (and within the first 9 months of funded treatment), or when requested by the agent/self-insurer. Additional review forms may be completed as needed.

Use the 'PS109' service funding code for submission of the form.

What it contains

A fillable form with additional notes and information.

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