Quad bikes on farms: A handbook for workplaces

A comprehensive handbook on identifying, managing and reducing the risks of using quad bikes on farms, choosing safer alternatives and understanding your legal responsibilities.


What it contains

Quad bikes are commonly used on farms for a wide range of tasks. However, quad bike use carries significant risks, including serious injury and death.

Whether you're an employer, self-employed or manage a farm, you have legal responsibilities relating to the use of quad bikes. Even as an employee or contractor, knowing the risks and responsibilities of quad bike use on farms could save somebody’s life.

This document tells you about:

  • the legal requirements for quad bike use on your farm
  • why quad bike users are at increased risk of an accident
  • how different factors affect quad bike safety
  • the types of injuries likely from a quad bike accident
  • how to protect and train quad bike users
  • farm safety systems, including communication, training and supervision
  • better alternatives to quad bikes for different farm tasks
  • how to safely tow or carry loads (including liquids)
  • how to transport and store your quad bike
  • how to keep your quad bike in a safe mechanical condition
  • how to make sure quad bike users can reach help if there is an accident

You'll also find quad bike selection criteria, safety, assessment and maintenance checklists. There is a table which identifies the highest risk farm activities when using a quad bike.