Safe operation of cold storage facilities: A handbook for workplaces

How to reduce or eliminate the workplace health and safety risks of operating cold storage facilities.


What it contains

Each year, hundreds of people are injured while working in cold storage facilities. This handbook advises employers and employees on how to create a safe working environment. It explains the legal duties that apply to cold storage facilities, including consulting with employees about health and safety. It also tells you how:

  • to provide training and ongoing supervision
  • to use control measures to identify low, medium and high-risk tasks
  • to identify the best design and layout of a facility to reduce injury risks
  • a good traffic management system can protect pedestrians and vehicles
  • to protect employees from the effects of a cold work environment
  • to find the safest ways for employees to complete manual handling tasks
  • to ensure equipment is safe and emergency management plans are kept up-to-date

At the end of the document, you'll find a range of tools you can use for more information and planning, including:

  • a process chart to design a safe cold storage workplace
  • a wind chill program chart
  • information about operating LPG forklift trucks in poorly ventilated places
  • information about long-term fruit storage in controlled atmosphere rooms
  • a guide on protective clothing for cold storage
  • an anhydrous ammonia refrigeration systems guide