Safe Support tool

Safe Support is a tool to assist support workers, clients and their family or authorised person to create and maintain safe, supportive relationships in the home. Safe Support will assist in preventing unsafe situations during an in-home support service.
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Dec 2020

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About Safe Support

Safe Support helps those involved in in-home support or services, to understand professional boundaries, maintain a respectful and inclusive home and uphold health and safety during an in-home support service.

Safe Support includes a set of principles to follow during a support service. Under each principle are behaviours that everyone can uphold in the home, to keep each other safe.

Working together, those involved in the in-home support relationship can sign their commitment to safe practices.

The tool tells you about:

  • building positive relationships during an in-home support service
  • upholding professional boundaries and expectations around safety in the home
  • preventing risk of injury in the home
  • infection control and hygiene
  • respect and inclusion

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