Safe use of tractors with attachments: A handbook for workplaces

How to identify, manage and reduce the risk of serious injury or death caused by tractor attachment-related accidents on your farm.


What it contains

Tractors are the most dangerous piece of farm equipment. Every year, many people are killed, and many more are seriously injured from accidents involving tractors. These risks increase with the use of tractor attachments. You can reduce or eliminate these risks by addressing the safe use of attachments, safe work systems and correct vehicle selection and maintenance. This document covers:

  • the risks associated with common farm tasks and solutions
  • managing your tractor’s protective mechanisms
  • safely maintaining your tractor
  • work systems that reduce the risks associated with tractor use
  • managing operator risk by addressing the age of your tractor
  • safely managing guards and attachments on your tractor
  • tractor travel on public roads
  • protecting all farm residents and visitors from risks
  • supervising and training tractor operators
  • personal protective equipment and ergonomics
  • environmental risks
  • which systems help operators communicate in an emergency
  • checklists to help you manage the safety of your tractor