Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) template

Use this template and supporting guidance to create a Safe Work Method Statement before you commence High Risk Construction Work (HRCW).


What it contains

This document explains how and when to prepare a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for high-risk construction work (HRCW).

It includes a SWMS template that can be filled in online before downloading / saving to a computer, or it may be printed off and filled in manually. The template contains sample text to assist with completion.

The document also includes guidance on:

  • the 19 activities classified as HRCW
  • who must ensure a SWMS has been prepared before commencing HRCW?
  • who has SWMS duties and who must prepare a SWMS
  • how to prepare a SWMS, including how to select risk control measures
  • what should be included in a SWMS and what may not be included