Silica-associated lung disease health screening research project: Phase two final report

Final report for the silica-associated lunch disease health screening research project by Monash University.


What it contains: 

The silica-associated lung disease health screening research project, funded by WorkSafe Victoria, was established to assess the health of workers in the stone benchtop industry who may be at risk of silica associated disease. The program commenced in mid-2019 and included a screening assessment, where workers were invited to contribute their data to the stonemasons' screening project. Workers identified as being at risk of silica-associated disease were referred to a respiratory physician for further evaluation and invited to participate in the silica-associated disease registry.

This phase 2 final report addresses the project objectives as described in the Monash and WorkSafe Victoria (WSV) research agreement (full objectives detailed in section 2 of this report). This report includes data up to early August 2021, incorporating an additional 12 months of data since the previous report (data up to the end of July 2020).