Suspended scaffolds - what you need to know

How to safely use suspended scaffolds for building works.
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Oct 2005

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29 pages

What it contains

This guide outlines the occupational health and safety (OHS) duties of workplaces using suspended scaffolds, and is useful for:

  • scaffold equipment suppliers and hirers
  • employers and principal contractors who use suspended scaffolds
  • scaffolding contractors, designers and people who set up scaffolds
  • health and safety representatives

The guide has been developed with industry experts and explains:

  • what is a suspended scaffold
  • common types of hoists used with scaffolds
  • which health and safety laws apply to scaffold use
  • which checklists should be used by scaffold suppliers, designers and erectors
  • what to check for at swing stage, boatswain’s chair-in services and false cars in-service
  • how to interpret the terms used in each checklist