Tractor power take off guarding: A health and safety solution

How to manage, reduce or eliminate the risk of serious injury or death caused by entanglement when using improperly guarded tractor power take-off driven attachments.
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May 2011

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You can become entangled in tractor-driven power take-off (PTO) attachments when your hands, feet, legs, hair, jewellery or clothing are caught in the rotating parts of the machine. The risks are high, and these accidents cause permanent disability, serious injury and death. You can reduce or eliminate these risks by properly guarding PTO attachments. This document tells you about:

  • the common causes of entanglement incidents
  • the types of injuries caused by entanglement incidents
  • managing hair, jewellery and clothing
  • properly guarding PTO attachments
  • regularly inspecting, maintaining and replacing your guards (including PVC shaft guards)
  • work systems that reduce the risk of entanglement
  • managing locations where people may be at risk of entanglement
  • keeping your workers safe from entanglement through supervision, training and record keeping