Use of plasterers’ stilts

How to reduce or eliminate the workplace health and safety risks of using plasterers’ stilts on construction sites.

Published: 19 Jun 2018
File type: PDF
File size: 236.68 kB
Length: 8 pages
Reading level: Medium

What it contains

This guide explains Occupational Health and Safety duties when using plasterers’ stilts on construction sites. This includes:

  • identifying any stilt hazards such a slopes and railings near work areas
  • checking the work area to make sure the ceiling height is less than three metres and all floor surfaces are clean, clear and dry (‘plaster ready’)
  • making sure stilts are only used for lights tasks, such as patching joints, fixing cornices and minor sanding
  • training workers to use stilts correctly

At the end of this document, you’ll find examples of unsafe work practices, when stilts should not be used and a checklist to help you decide when it’s suitable to use stilts.