Working safely in the housing construction industry: A handbook for the construction regulations

Practical advice for the housing construction industry on how to meet health and safety requirements.


What it contains

This handbook outlines occupational health and safety (OHS) duties for the housing construction industry. Use this handbook to manage safety in construction and comply with national standards for construction work.

It explains:

  • how OHS requirements apply to the construction industry
  • how to determine the principal contractor for a construction project and their duties
  • who is an employer on a construction project and how they control injury risks
  • what is an employer’s role in high-risk construction work
  • what are the OHS duties of a self-employed person
  • what training and site inductions must be provided to workers on construction sites

At the end of the document, there are templates for:

  • a health and safety coordination plan
  • a safe work method statement