WorkSafe item codes for independent medical examiner (IME) telehealth now available

As part of its response to COVID-19, WorkSafe is introducing temporary measures to support the continuation of essential health services for injured workers.
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Jul 2020

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The WorkSafe IME Service Standards have been updated to reflect that a telehealth attendance for IME examinations will only occur where the IME:

  1. has the capacity to provide the full service through this means safely and in accordance with professional standards; and
  2. is satisfied that it is clinically appropriate to provide the service to the patient; and
  3. maintains a visual and audio link with the patient; and
  4. is satisfied that the software and hardware used to deliver the service meets the applicable laws for security and privacy.
  5. where a medical examination is conducted by telehealth attendance the IME report must:
    1. report that the IME medical examination was conducted via telehealth attendance;
    2. specify if the telehealth attendance was audio and visual or audio only; and
    3. state what software was used to conduct the medical examination by telehealth attendance.

These item codes must be used if an IME examination has been conducted via telehealth (either video or telephone).

If you have any questions please contact the WorkSafe IME team via [email protected]

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