WorkWell: Measurement, Evaluation and Learning, and Translation famework report

This report presents a refreshed Measurement, Evaluation and Learning and Translation (MELT) Framework for WorkWell.


What it contains

The WorkWell Measurement, Evaluation, Learning and Translation (MELT) Framework was refreshed in 2020 to address the adaptions made to the program since inception in 2017 and also to help operationalise our measurement and evaluation activities as we enter full implementation of the program in the final two years. The aim of the refreshed WorkWell MELT Framework 2020 is to support WorkSafe to:

  • gain insights about how WorkWell resources, tools and approaches are being used by different types of workplaces (in particular how well they are reaching vulnerable workers) in order to improve our impact
  • understand and communicate the progress and final outcomes of WorkWell
  • understand the return on investment for the whole of WorkWell as well as the different activity streams
  • share our learnings in an accessible and usable form to influence Victorian workplaces to prevent mental injury and promote mental health
  • develop systems for data collection and analysis and embed the sense making, reporting and ongoing program improvement cycle

Included in this MELT framework is:

  1. An overarching theory of change model for WorkWell, spanning three key levels of change: 1) changes in participation in the WorkWell program; 2) measuring WorkWell’s influence in terms of the knowledge, attitudes and practice changes1 in workplaces, networks and leaders; and 3) measuring impact; the changes in conditions2 for Victorian workers and businesses.
  2. A set of six key evaluation questions that sit at the heart of the MELT framework – they cover what WorkWelll wants to learn about and ultimately will form the structure of the final evaluation of WorkWell. They include questions about changes in the three levels of theory of change, as well as implementation quality, return on investment, and contribution and sustainability.