Mind Your Head Project - Year two report

Encourages action in workplaces to identify psychosocial hazards, assess risks and introduce control measures that protect employees’ psychological health and safety.


Project aims

  • Involve all levels of each workplace in engagement, training, research, action planning and implementation, by encouraging Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) and managers to work together on identifying psychosocial hazards and developing control measures that manage their risk to employees.
  • Raise the priority of mental health hazards to ensure they are treated in equal terms to physical hazards.
  • Use existing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws and regulations to guide genuine changes in workplaces to create mentally healthy and safe systems of work.
  • Contribute to the growing body of research on psychosocial risk management by utilising the well-established Psychosocial Safety Climate (PSC) measure.
  • Develop guidance and resources to share with workplaces as well as our growing body of online supporters.