WorkWell Program Emerging Outcomes Report

WorkWell has completed its annual evaluation of the program, resulting in the WorkWell Emerging Outcomes Report.


What it contains

This version of the report has been developed and produced by Clear Horizon in collaboration with the WorkWell Evaluation team and WorkWell Communication and Marketing team.

  • Glossary
  • Executive summary
  • Purpose of this report
  • About WorkWell
  • Approach to measurement
  • Building the foundations of WorkWell
    • WorkWell Toolkit
    • Mental Health Improvement Fund
    • Learning Networks
  • Building the evidence base
  • Emerging outcomes and insights
    • The Cultural Maturity Model
    • Tailoring for maturity
    • Ability to predict psychological safety and quality of working life
    • Detailed look at uptake and engagement
    • Engaging through workshops, surveys and podcasts
    • Evidence from the WorkWell Toolkit
    • Challenges
    • Mental health Improvement Fund: The Arts Wellbeing Collective
    • Learning Networks
  • Recommendations and next steps
  • Reference list
  • Appendices 1-6

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