Roadmap and release notes

New features and feature improvements are released to WorkSafe's websites every two weeks as part of a continuous improvement program. We work agile to ideate, test, design, build, learn and iterate.


Upcoming releases

In progress

  • Drupal upgrade: Backend upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9.
  • Nuxt upgrade: Front-end upgrade from Nuxt 1.x to Nuxt 2.x.
  • User interface update: Comprehensive UI design update.

UI 2.0 upgrade inclusions

  • Font: Replace the WorkSafe brand font with the VIC government brand font.
  • Cards: The Netflix style cards will be replaced with new variations that include more detail.
  • Collection pages: Redesigned collection templates to transform collections from navigation elements into topic or industry specific 'home pages'.

To be determined

  • Pagination: The ability to group existing pages together as a set, so they can be read in sequential order (page 1, page 2, page 3 etc) in a magazine style. This enables long copy content including Compliance Codes to be digitised.
  • Search engine: Apache Solr upgrade to latest version. This will enable search to be rebuilt to improve indexing and the quality and accuracy of search results, and introduce new features including faceted filtering.

2020 release notes

October 2020

  • Code freeze: There will be no further code releases for WorkSafe's Drupal 8 website. A Drupal 8.x to Drupal 9.x upgrade and for Nuxt 1.x to Nuxt 3.x upgrade is currently in progress.

September 2020

New features

  • Mega menu: A new main menu redesigned from the ground up. The mega menu includes three levels of information architecture hierarchy: Parent > Child > Grandchild (eg Safer workplaces > Safety topics > Asbestos).
  • Footer: A new footer menu including a four column layout, statement of country and inclusivity.


  • Technical updates: Set up new CI / CD pipelines.

August 2020

  • Release reduction: Officially commenced a production release slow down for Drupal 8 and Nuxt 1.x websites to commence configuration for Drupal 9 and Nuxt 3.x upgrades.

New features

  • No new features introduced in August 2020.


  • Storybook: Upgraded to latest version.

July 2020

New features

  • No new features introduced in July 2020.


  • Technical updates: Completed major backend technical work including Splunk integration and PHP upgrade.
  • Print to PDF: Added list group component to printable PDF download.

June 2020

New features

  • List group: A vertically slim card list that can be placed between paragraphs of text, or as a grouped list. It reduces the dependency on the Netflix style card while allowing links to be placed closer to content without the need for inline links. Example.


  • Video grid: This component has two background colour options - white (default) and yellow. Subjectively, many people didn't like the shade of yellow so we replaced it. Example.
  • Careers redirect: Redirect old Careers website URL used on marketing material ( to

May 2020

New features

  • Quad bikes risk assessment tool: A web app that replaces an old microsite, used by farmers to determine whether they should have rollover protection for their quad bike. The feature is built as a web app but uses existing components. Example.
  • Injury hotspots: A web app that replaces an old microsite. Features include SVG animations to present injury and risk data mapped against a human body illustration. Example.
  • VicClaim secondary menu: Added a secondary 'employers/workers' menu to the VicClaim native Android and iOS mobile application. Download Android and iOS.


  • Video + text: Updated the vertical alignment of the text, so the component styling is consistent with the text + image version of the component. Example.
  • Styled lists: Updated the styled list component to work with the recently introduced 'long page' content type. Example.
  • Browse content: Added a selectable H2/H3 heading to the existing browse content (grid card layout) component. Example.
  • WorkWell data: Migrated the database used by WorkWell to a new server.

April 2020

New features

  • No new features introduced in April 2020.


  • Styled lists: The styled list component has four variations - bullet points, numbers, ticks and crosses. Each component had a grey pill shaped background that some users confused with a button. We listened to the feedback and updated the component to solve the problem. Example.
  • Tabulated data: Updated the tables component to allow hyperlinks to be added. Example.
  • Breadcrumbs: Updated the hero header component used for collection and product pages, to display breadcrumbs consistent with other header types.
  • Hero header: Updated the vertical height of the hero header component so that it uses less screen space while still achieving its goal. Example.
  • Collections: Updated the collections component to allow a selectable H2/H3 header to ensure semantic correctness.
  • Home page: Added default text to the home page events section: 'There are no current WorkSafe Victoria events' to display when there are no upcoming events listed on the website.
  • Events page: Added default text to the events collection page: 'There are no current WorkSafe Victoria events' to display when there are no upcoming events listed on the website.
  • Text + image: Updated the component to increase the margin width of the text area. This is an aesthetic improvement with no functional change. Example.
  • WorkWell browse content: Add additional 'sort by' criteria so that WorkWell users can sort the recommended actions by importance.

March 2020

New features

  • Long page: A new content type that includes in-page navigation in the right hand side bar. This content type is ideal for longer pages of content.
  • Multilingual capability: Ability to support challenging language fonts in a standard left to right display (eg Vietnamese), and introduced the ability to flip pages to display right to left for Arabic and Dari languages. Example.
  • Hero header mini: A clone version of the hero header with bleed, with reduced vertical height to indicate a child < parent relationship.


  • Ask WorkSafe filter: Added an API filter to enable only 'free' and 'low fee' services to display in the Ask WorkSafe directory. Example.
  • Hero header: Reduced the vertical height of the 'hero header with bleed' so it fills less of the screen. This improvement was introduced following user feedback. Example.
  • Chevron header: Rolled out the new default chevron header to safety alert, news and event content types.
  • WorkWell account form: Simplified the webform that enables users to create a WorkWell Toolkit account.
  • PRS directory: Introduced new fields to the Prosecution Result Summaries and Enforceable Undertakings database directory.
  • Print to PDF: Improved the layout and added additional component print capabilities to the existing HTML to PDF generator.
  • Accordion: Updated the highlight colour to demonstrate an accordion heading is 'active'. This is a usability improvement. Example.
  • VicClaim: Converted the static JSON data structure to a dynamic content structure to update the way tutorial content is consumed by the application. Download Android and iOS.
  • Markup block: Enabled the 'breakout' component to be used as a reusable markup block. This allows the 'create once, publish everywhere' model to work for the breakout marketing feature.
  • Analytics: Improved Google Analytics tracking for social sharing, print to PDF and bookmarking features.
  • Technical updates: Introduced significant backend updates including an update to the DevOps pipeline, Solr server, Nuxt routing, Audience Studio implementation, multiple new Drupal and front-end environments, and improved reporting.

February 2020

New features

  • Jobs at home day: A web app that allows users to create and order a sticker that represents their 'job at home'. This features is the focal point of an annual communications campaign. Example.
  • Profanity filter: Introduced a profanity filter to remove offensive language from form fields submitted by a website user.
  • Definition list: A new '<dl>' definition list used for glossary terms in guidance material. Example.
  • Hero header: Added additional background colour option (biscuit / grey) to existing white and yellow variants. Example.


  • Subheader tags: Added pills demonstrating industry and topic tags to the subheader. This is a visual design feature to balance the subheader, rather than a functional improvement. Example.
  • WorkWell natural language form: Layout update to improve form completion involving relocating the 'get started' button.
  • Ask WorkSafe search: Modified search queries using different API variables to display top 100 from a new raw data list. Example.
  • Pagination POC: Completed a proof of concept for an planned future improvement to introduce the ability to group any existing page in a set and enable sequenced pagination (page 1 of 5, page 2 of 5, etc).
  • Cards: Improved click performance to ensure href is activated in initial click.
  • AppNavigation: Refactored AppNavigation to prevent warnings and errors.

January 2020

New features

  • Marketing banner: Introduced an accessible marketing banner component that replicates the design treatment used for above the line marketing collateral. Example.


  • myWorkSafe portal: Deployed content and configuation updates to support the introduction of WorkSafe's Salesforce CRM.
  • PDF indexing: Added WildCard redirect to prevent PDF's from appearing in Google and website search indexes.
  • Accordion: Replaced the heading format (h tag) with a strong tag for improved accessibility. Example.
  • Subheader: Replaced the heading format (h tag) with a strong tag for improved accessibility. Example.
  • Technical updates: Significant backend focus this month including backend environment re-synchronisation and automated workflow improvements.

MVP release

In July 2018 we released the minimum viable product version of the WorkSafe headless Drupal / Vue.js application.