[ARCHIVED] Crane inspection records

This document is no longer current and is available on the website for historic purposes only.



Crane owners are required by law to undertake a preventative maintenance program, which includes regular major inspections of their crane (refer to AS2550) to prevent breakdowns and failures before they occur.

Recently WorkSafe has become aware of concerns with the authenticity of some records of major inspections and is investigating these allegations.


Crane owners should ensure they:

  1. Only engage suitably qualified persons to undertake a major inspection of their crane.
  2. Keep a record of all details of the persons engaged to undertake the work, including the engineer supervising the assessment for continued safe operation, and any persons or contractors undertaking parts of the work.
  3. Review any reports provided in regard to the inspection activity and ensure, that so far as is possible, records are signed and authorised appropriately.
  4. If in doubt, the matter should be immediately referred to WorkSafe on 1800 136 089.

WorkSafe expects the supporting records, including the 'Assessment for continued safe operation' to be made available for inspection on request by a WorkSafe inspector. Records should be readily accessible at the crane owner’s Victorian business office.