Cleaning of concrete pumping equipment

This alert highlights the risk of cleaning out residual concrete from concrete pumping equipment.



There have been several recent incidents involving concrete pumping equipment.

Most recently a male, 24, was struck and seriously injured while cleaning out the concrete pumping equipment used in a concrete pour on a rural property in northeast Victoria. He later died in hospital.

Control measures

WorkSafe expects that when cleaning out concrete pumping equipment the following safety precautions are followed:

  • the end-hose to be secure or removed before cleaning to prevent the hose whipping around
  • the discharge end of the pipeline to be fitted with a cage to safely catch the cleaning device but at the same time, allow the concrete to flow
  • all workers are to be kept clear of the discharge end while the concrete is under pressure.
  • no-one attempts to dismantle the pipeline while it is still under pressure under any circumstance.

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