Hazards of automatic revolving or rotating doors

An alert about hazards and risk controls associated with revolving or rotating doors following an increase in incidents.



Automatic revolving or rotating doors are found in a variety of locations including hospitals, aged-care facilities, residential, and commercial buildings. People entering and exiting buildings through revolving doors are at risk of being struck, trapped, or injured. Revolving doors pose a particular hazard to users who have mobility issues.

A revolving door consists of two, three, or four doors (wings) that attach to a rotating vertical central shaft. They are designed to create greater energy efficiencies in buildings while allowing large numbers of people to pass through.

Safety issues

WorkSafe Victoria is aware of incidents involving:

  • people with mobility issues who have been knocked or bumped by revolving doors, causing them to lose their balance and sustain serious injuries
  • children who have been injured as a result of being jammed between the revolving door and the edge of the entrance or floor

There are usually sensors on revolving doors which slow or stop the door's rotation under certain conditions, but some people remain vulnerable. For instance, these sensors may not prevent a person who is frail or with limited stability from being bumped by the leading edge of the door, or from being impacted by the revolving door as they transit through it.

Recommended ways to control risks

WorkSafe Victoria urges duty holders to regularly test and maintain rotating door sensors—high-functioning sensors may prevent injuries.

High-functioning sensors (or other devices) can detect obstructions around rotating doors. Some sensors are programmed so that a door progressively slows upon detection of a person or object, ultimately stopping before 'bumping' these people or objects.

It's also important to have clear signage alerting users to alternative access points in buildings with rotating doors.

Consider providing associated pictograms and / or directions on revolving doors with wording such as:

  • 'Do not push the door'
  • 'Maximum of two people per segment'
  • 'Adult supervision required'

Should you have any questions relating specifically to the rotating or revolving doors located at your workplace, please contact WorkSafe.

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