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  • What is an authorised person?
  • What to include in the security plan

What is an authorised person?

An authorised person in relation to a HCDG licence is:

  • the licensee
  • each person named in the security plan as an authorised person with unsupervised access to HCDG
  • a person who holds a HCDG permit.

What to include in the security plan

Your security plan should address each of the following points.

*A separate security plan is needed for each storage site.

  1. Location and details of the facility
    • Include a site plan
  2. Details of secure storage area, and details of the precautions in place to ensure the HCDG are kept in a secure store
    • Include the type and dimensions of the structure and the number and types of doors, windows and locks
  3. List of authorised persons holding a permit authorising unsupervised access to HCDG
    • Record their name and permit number
  4. A procedure for amending the security plan
    • Eg how will you add/remove names of authorised persons?
  5. A procedure for controlling access to the secure store by authorised persons
    • Eg a key register or a security control for access codes
  6. A procedure for supervising access to the secure store by persons not authorised to have unsupervised access to the HCDG
  7. A procedure for instructing persons who have access to, or who use or handle, HCDG on the security plan
  8. A designated person responsible for maintaining the security plan
  9. A procedure to ensure that HCDG is only obtained from a licensee or person authorised to sell, transfer or dispose of HCDG and is removed only by a licensee or authorised person
  10. Stock control system
    • Describe your system for recording details and reconciling incoming and outgoing quantities of HCDG.
  11. A procedure for reporting any theft, attempted theft or unexplained loss of HCDG or any other security incident involving HCDG