Security plan for storing High Consequence Dangerous Goods (HCDG)

Find out what is required for HCDG storage security plans for HCDG licence applications.


What are storage security systems and plans?

A security management system is the combination of processes, plans and procedures in place to effectively manage the security risks associated with the activities involving HCDGs.

A storage security plan details how and authorised person will control the security risks associated with storing and any activities involving the HCDGs.

Who is an authorised person?

An authorised person in relation to a HCDG licence is:

  • the licensee
  • each person named in the security plan as an authorised person with unsupervised access to HCDG
  • a person who holds a HCDG permit.

Why are storage security systems and plans required?

A security management system and plan are required to prevent theft, loss, deliberate interference and unauthorised access for the entire life cycle of ammonium nitrate activities.

When must a storage security plan be submitted?

A storage security plan must be submitted to WorkSafe with a HCDG licence application.

A separate storage security plan is required for each storage site.

What to include in the storage security plan

Your storage security plan must address each of the following points.

  1. Location and details of the facility.
    • include a site plan
  2. Details of secure storage area, and details of the precautions in place to ensure the HCDG are kept in a secure store.
    • include the type and dimensions of the structure and the number and types of doors, windows and locks
  3. List of authorised persons holding a permit authorising unsupervised access to HCDG.
    • record their name and permit number
  4. A procedure for amending the storage security plan.
    • for example, how will you add/remove names of authorised persons?
  5. A procedure for controlling access to the secure store by authorised persons.
    • for example, a key register or a security control for access codes
  6. A procedure for supervising access to the secure store by persons not authorised to have unsupervised access to the HCDG.
  7. A procedure for instructing persons who have access to, or who use or handle, HCDG on the storage security plan.
  8. A designated person responsible for maintaining the storage security plan.
  9. A procedure to ensure that HCDG is only obtained from a licensee or person authorised to sell, transfer or dispose of HCDG and is removed only by a licensee or authorised person.
  10. Stock control system.
    • describe your system for recording details and reconciling incoming and outgoing quantities of HCDG
  11. A procedure for reporting any theft, attempted theft or unexplained loss of HCDG or any other security incident involving HCDG.

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