Things you'll receive once you're registered for WorkCover insurance

A list of all correspondence you'll receive from WorkSafe.


What to expect

Throughout the course of the financial year your WorkSafe agent will issue you with notices, invoices and statements that relate to your ongoing insurance coverage.

What you receive, and when you receive it, will depend on a number of factors, including your size, whether or not you have had claims and whether information has changed that affects your insurance.

These are the common types of notices and statements sent by WorkSafe agents.

New registrations

When you first register for insurance, you’ll receive a new registration package.

The package contains an 'If You are Injured' poster and a checklist of your legal obligations in relation to insurance and workplace safety. This package might also contain your first premium notice and invoice.

Insurance renewal

Once a year, every registered employer receives a renewal package.

For many employers this may be the only insurance related correspondence they receive in a year. The renewal package can contain a premium notice, an adjusted premium notice, an invoice, a declaration of rateable remuneration form and other notices.

Claims statement

If you have had an insurance claim (and it impacts your premium) you will be given access to your claims statement. The claims statement outlines the claims made and the costs associated with them.

Importantly, you are not sent your claims statement. It is made available for you through WorkSafe's insurance portal.

Premium notice

The premium notice provides an explanation of the premium that has been calculated (for a specific period of coverage).

A period of coverage is usually a financial year, however this may differ if you have changed classification during the financial year, or have commenced operating during the financial year.

The premium notice will highlight the remuneration amount that has been used in the premium calculation and the premium rate applied to it. If your business is large enough to be 'experience rated' then it will also provide the Employer Performance Rate (EPR).