Validate a licence

You can validate a WorkSafe licence by visiting myWorkSafe.

Recent changes to licences

Due to limited printing space on plastic licence cards, subordinate classes for rigging and scaffolding high risk work licences will not be listed on plastic licences. Subordinate classes will still be shown on digital licences. There are no changes to the conditions of these licence types.

The Use Blast Explosive (UBE) licence application process has been updated to align with the Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Interim Regulations 2021. The description for an ANFO class on new UBE licences will be updated from Manufacture ANFO in quantities up to 50kg (not issued with oil wells) to Manufacture ANFO up to 50kg at any one time for their own use.

Please note: Both these changes will be applied to rigging, scaffolding and UBE licences issued from Monday 15th November 2021.

How to validate

This search validates digital licences only.

To create a digital licence that's linked to your current licence, visit myWorkSafe (Licences).

If you're new to myWorkSafe, first create an account then link your current licence (Licences).

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