Videos: 'Ag Decisions' webinar

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After Victoria's field days were cancelled in 2020, we partnered with the Weekly Times to support VirtuAg - Australia's virtual field days. We joined Jason Shields - Orchard Manager at Plunkett Orchards and 2019 Horticulture Farmer of the Year, Cameron Nicholson - Nicon Rural Services Consultant and Ed Gannon - Weekly Times Editor to discuss decision making in a live webinar.

Ag Decisions webinar: Recap

Good decision making is key to farm success.

Small everyday decisions

For Jason Shields, Orchard Manager at Plunkett Orchards, common sense doesn't exist on farms - it means something different to everyone.

Ag Decisions webinar: Small everyday decisions

Common sense means something different to everyone.

Productivity and safety

For consultant Cameron Nicholson, auto-drafting for his sheep provides both productivity and safety benefits - saving time and reducing risks around fatigue.

Ag Decisions webinar: Productivity and safety

Successful farming means safe farming.

Harvest work systems

For Jason Shields, Orchard Manager at Plunkett Orchards, bringing in smaller teams and removing tractors from the rows means a more productive harvest.

Ag Decisions webinar: Harvest work systems

Considering the system of work is a best practice model for safety.

Full webinar

Ag Decisions webinar - VirtuAg 2020