What is a WorkSafe agent?

Understand what a WorkSafe agent is and what they can do for you.


WorkSafe agents

WorkSafe agents are appointed by WorkSafe to manage employers' WorkCover insurance and injured workers' compensation claims. They provide expert advice and support on our behalf.

They help and support managing premiums or working through a claim. They also provide advice to help injured workers return to work.

How do I nominate a WorkSafe agent?

As an employer you are required to choose a WorkSafe agent. This is done when applying or renewing WorkCover insurance.

Changing agents

You are eligible to change your WorkSafe agent once every 12 months. Once a change of agent is made, you must remain with them for a 12 month period.

If you're a new employer and have recently registered for WorkCover insurance, you must wait 12 months from the date you registered with the original agent, then wait until the end of the current financial year before changing agents.

How do I change WorkSafe agents?

To complete a transfer, the request must be made in writing and be signed by someone with authorisation. Send your request to transfer directly to your new agent.

When you change agents you can't owe any outstanding premium payments (annual or installment) to the current agent.

Your effective transfer date will be the first day of the next month, but the new agent must make sure transfer requests are received by your current agent at least five working days before the first of the month.

Regulation of agents

The performance of all WorkSafe agents is monitored and evaluated to ensure all our clients receive a consistently high level of service. Some of the key evaluation measures includes; claims management, return to work and overall level and quality of service.

The recent performance of all agents is available upon request. For more information please contact the WorkSafe's advisory service.

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