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Led by Smiling Mind. This project has helped school leaders to have a positive impact on workplace culture.

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Smiling Mind demonstrated how leaders drive change

The Principal Wellbeing Program changed the way school leaders approach mental health. It highlighted how addressing work-related factors that contribute to the mental wellbeing of leaders has a wide reaching impact on staff and students.

Leading a Positive Workplace Culture Supports Mental Health

The Principal Mental Health and Wellbeing program coached school leaders to implement mindfulness meditation techniques and practices for managing work-related factors that contribute to stress. It resulted in improved wellbeing outcomes for leaders, and increased awareness of their capacity to support and manage mental health and wellbeing within the workplace. They reported feeling more calm, more resilient, increased focus, reduced stress, improved relationships, and reduced burnout.

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WorkWell Toolkit

The WorkWell Toolkit is a free online tool. It uses a step by step approach to help business leaders to promote a mentally healthy workplace and prevent mental injury through access to tailored and relevant research, tools and information.

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