Improving mental health and wellbeing measurably

Led by Convenience Advertising. This project used fatigue monitoring lighting technology to improve the work environment of drivers and shift workers in the transport and postal warehousing industries.


Convenience Advertising championed mentally healthy job design

Convenience Advertising demonstrated that fatigue monitoring technology can enable identification of high risk routes and scenarios that guide the development of action to address the underlying source of fatigue.

Mentally healthy workplaces prevent fatigue

This project engaged transport drivers and shift workers in the implementation of fatigue monitoring technology and the use of enriched blue light to explore the impact on their experience of fatigue in the workplace. The technology reduced the number of fatigue events in drivers and improved sleep and reduced depression in shift workers.

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WorkWell Toolkit

The WorkWell Toolkit is a free online tool. It uses a step by step approach to help business leaders to promote a mentally healthy workplace and prevent mental injury through access to tailored and relevant research, tools and information.

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