Measurably improving wellbeing in manufacturing

Led by Convenience Advertising. This project used technology to change work practices and reduce the risk of mental injury for truck drivers and shift workers in manufacturing.

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Convenience Advertising championed changes to workplace design

Seeing Machines Fatigue Technology measured eye closures in truck drivers and trigger a response to fatigue events. Fluorescent lighting in a spin chiller room was replaced by Melagen lighting technology from Versalux, a full spectrum blue-enriched light specifically designed to promote alertness, healthy sleep and circadian rhythms.

Mentally healthy workplaces change the work environment

The fatigue monitoring technology enabled identification of high risk routes and scenarios that informed strategies to address the underlying causes of fatigue. The full spectrum blue-enriched light contributed to decreased sleepiness and depression in spin chiller room shift workers.

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The WorkWell Toolkit is a free online tool. It uses a step by step approach to help business leaders to promote a mentally healthy workplace and prevent mental injury through access to tailored and relevant research, tools and information.

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