Mental Health Essentials Program

Led by the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This project provided resources to help organisations work together with younger workers.

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The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry championed engagement of younger workers

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry improved the capability of small businesses to identify and address mental health risks. They provided practical support and education about work-related factors that impact on younger workers.

Mentally healthy workplaces take collaborative action

The project educated businesses about how to consult with workers. Together they developed mental health action plans to identify and control mental health risks. Workplaces realised that dealing with mental health hazards is not that different to dealing with physical hazards.

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WorkWell Toolkit

The WorkWell Toolkit is a free online tool. It uses a step by step approach to help business leaders to promote a mentally healthy workplace and prevent mental injury through access to tailored and relevant research, tools and information.

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