After you have submitted your employee’s claim

After a claim has been submitted, the return to work process begins.

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Wednesday 26 Aug 2020

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After you lodge the claim

Your WorkSafe agent will tell you if your claim has been accepted within 28 days.

Get your worker back to work

Step 1. Understand what tasks your worker can do

Find alternative tasks and duties that your worker can do at work rather than focusing on what they can't do, and involve them in the conversation.

Providing a safe work space for your injured worker will help them to recover more quickly.

For the first 52 weeks of a claim you have an obligation to provide suitable duties, where reasonable.

Step 2. Start planning for their return to work

When you know a worker is injured and may not be able to do their usual job, you can help them by planning for their return, and providing them with return to work information.

As the worker has probably visited their doctor, the doctor may call you to discuss different ways to help your employee to return to work as soon as safely possible.

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