WorkSafe's health and safety and injury and compensation Advisory Service is available on 1800 136 089 and on Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

For general enquiries contact reception on 03 9641 1555.

Contact the 24 hour emergency line on 13 23 60 to report serious workplace injuries.

  • Help contacting Advisory or using this website
    Interpreter services

    A 24 hour recorded information service is available for WorkCover claim questions in the following languages:

    Contact information for people that speak a language other than English

    You can also speak to an Advisory Service member during business hours with an interpreter automatically connected.

    Website accessibility

    If you're having trouble using any part of this website with assisted technology, please contact and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

    WorkSafe attempts to achieve WCAG 2.0 AA wherever possible.

  • Licensing and specialist services
    WorkSafe issued licenses

    WorkSafe Licensing Branch
    GPO Box 4293
    Melbourne 3001

    Phone: 1300 852 562
    Fax: 1800 060 727


    Contact the Freedom of Information and Privacy Unit

    WorkSafe FOI and Privacy Unit
    GPO Box 4306
    Melbourne 3001

    Phone: 03 9641 1555
    Fax: 03 9641 1217


    Ask about injury support service providers

    Email for injury support service provider enquiries and information about registering with WorkSafe as a provider.

  • Make a complaint

    The best way to make a complaint about WorkCover insurance or a claim following a work-related injury or illness, is to contact your WorkSafe Agent.

    You can also make a complaint directly to WorkSafe about:

    • a WorkSafe staff member
    • an independent medical examiner (IME)
    • an occupational rehabilitation provider (OR)

    To make a complaint:

    If we can't solve your issue straight away we'll keep you up to date about its progress.

    If you're not sure what to do, or need assistance or advice you can contact the WorkSafe Advisory Service.

    Complaints about privacy

    If you believe information held by WorkSafe or a WorkSafe Agent about you has been handled other than in accordance with the Victorian privacy laws, you can make a complaint to:

    • the WorkSafe Privacy Officer
    • the Privacy Officer of the authorised WorkSafe Agent managing your claim

    If your complaint relates to actions or practices of other organisations, including your employer or a self-insurer, you should direct your complaint to that organisation.

    You can also make a complaint to:

    Complaints about access to information requests

    If your complaint relates to unreasonable delays or that a document doesn't exist or can't be located, please contact your Agent first and if unresolved the WorkSafe FOI Team. If your complaint relates to a self-insurer please contact them.

    If it remains unresolved you can make a complaint to:

    • the Victorian Ombudsman in relation to ACA requests
    • the FOI Commissioner for requests under the FOI Act.

    A complaint to the Commissioner must be made within 60 days after the date of the action or conduct complained of. The Commissioner may decide not to accept or to dismiss a complaint at any time.

    Complaints about a WorkSafe or claims decision

    If you disagree with the decision on a WorkSafe claim, you need to lodge a Request for Conciliation with the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service.

    If you disagree with the decision made by a WorkSafe Inspector you need to complete an application for review of Inspector's decision.

    Alternate complaints avenue

    If you are unsatisfied with a WorkSafe response and wish to pursue the matter further contact the Victorian Ombudsman; an independent officer who investigates complaints about state government departments, statutory authorities and local government.

    You can call the Ombudsman on (03) 9613 6222 or toll free on 1800 806 314 (regional only) or online at:

    WorkSafe feedback

    To clarify any matter in an entry report or associated notices or directions contact the issuing inspector whose contact details appear at the end of the entry report.

    To comment about any aspect of how an inspection was conducted, contact the inspector's senior management whose contact details appear at the end of the entry report.

    To provide feedback in relation to WorkSafe activities or the legislation we administer, write to WorkSafe Advisory Service GPO Box 1306 Melbourne Victoria 3001 or via email

    Protected Disclosures (formerly Whistleblowers)

    Under the Protected Disclosures Act 2012 which came into effect 1 February 2013, disclosures made to WorkSafe about improper conduct or detrimental action are no longer protected. If you wish to make a disclosure about Worksafe or an employee or officer of WorkSafe, and wish for that disclosure to be protected, you must make the disclosure to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC).

    IBAC can be contacted:

    In person:
    Level 1, North Tower, 459 Collins Street,
    Melbourne, VIC 3001

    By mail:
    GPO Box 24234,
    Melbourne, VIC 3001

    Phone: 1300 735 135
    Fax: 03 8635 6444
    IBAC website

    For further information, see WorkSafe's policy and procedures on protected disclosures and detrimental action.

    More Information:

    For more information about how WorkSafe handles complaints about a claim:

  • Report employer non-compliance
    Report employer non-compliance

    Non-compliance includes:

    • Failure to forward a claim for compensation
    • Late payments or non payment
    • Failure to provide suitable duties
    • Failure to plan return to work
    • Discriminatory conduct following an injury or claim lodgement.

    If you think an employer may not have complied with their obligations under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 (WIRC Act) you can:

  • Report fraud
    Report fraud against the WorkSafe scheme

    Fraud occurs when someone dishonestly obtain or attempts to gain a payment or benefit from WorkSafe that they are not entitled to receive. This includes:

    • Workers who are working while in receipt of WorkSafe payments without notifying WorkSafe or their employer that they have returned to work;
    • Service providers or health practitioners who have billed or received payment from WorkSafe for services that did not take place.

    If you suspect someone is dishonestly obtaining or attempting to gain a payment or benefit from WorkSafe that they are not entitled to receive, you can:


    • You don't have to give us your name if you prefer to remain anonymous
    • Provide as much information as you can
    • Don't worry if you can't give answers to all the questions
  • Report improper behaviour by a private investigator

    If you believe that a private investigator or private investigation company has acted improperly or unlawfully you can:

    All investigators instructed in WorkSafe matters are required to adhere to the WorkSafe Code of Practice for Private Investigators.

  • Request access to information
    Request information from your Agent

    The WIRC Act gives Victorian injured workers a right, subject to certain exemptions, to obtain information in relation to their injury claim file held by an Agent or a self-insurer.

    All requests for access to injury claim information managed by authorised Agents are processed in accordance with section 9 of the Workplace Injury, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 (WIRC Act) or administratively.

    To request injury claims history or any claims information please complete the access to WorkSafe claim information request form (PDF; 35.0kB) and forward it directly to the agent managing your or your client's injury claim. If you don't know who the Agent is you can find out by calling WorkSafe on 1800 136 089.

    Some information is available administratively, without a formal request

    You don't need to make a formal request to access to certain information. Some records may be accessed administratively as part of the administration and management of your injury claim, without the need to make a formal request under the WIRC Act or under any other legislation.

    For example computer printouts of your own injury claims history, Injury Claim Form, certificates of capacity, communications and records with you, licensing or dangerous goods information you have right of ownership or management control or authority from the owner or controller. Please provide/attach evidence of ownership, management control or authority/consent to act with your request.

    Learn more about WorkSafe and the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

  • Contact your WorkSafe Agent

    You should contact your WorkSafe Agent for WorkCover claim and premium enquiries.

    Agent name Postal address Phone
    Allianz Australia Workers' Compensation (Victoria) Limited

    Claims and general correspondence
    GPO Box 80, Melbourne VIC 3001

    Premium mail
    Premium Services, GPO Box 80, Melbourne VIC 3001

    1800 240 335
    CGU Workers Compensation (Victoria) Limited

    Claims and general correspondence
    PO Box 2090S, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Premium mail
    Premium Operations, GPO Box 2090, Melbourne VIC 3001

    1800 066 204
    EML VIC Pty Ltd

    Claims and general correspondence
    GPO Box 4695, Melbourne VIC 3001

    Premium mail
    Premium Services Team, GPO Box 4695, Melbourne VIC 3001

    1800 365 842
    Gallagher Bassett Services Workers Compensation Vic Pty Ltd

    Claims and general correspondence
    Locked Bag 3570, GPO Melbourne VIC 3001

    Premium mail
    Premium Operations Branch, Locked Bag 3570, GPO Melbourne VIC 3001

    1800 774 377

    Claims and general correspondence
    GPO Box 751, Melbourne VIC 3001

    Premium mail
    Premium Team, GPO Box 751, Melbourne VIC 3001

    1800 801 070
  • Find a WorkSafe office
    Geelong relocation

    WorkSafe's head office is currently located in Melbourne CBD and will relocate to 1 Malop Street, Geelong in 2018.

    Melbourne Head Office

    Ground Floor
    222 Exhibition Street
    Melbourne 3000

    Phone: 03 9641 1555
    Fax: 03 9641 1222


    Office 1, Level 2 Central Square
    18 Armstrong Street South
    Ballarat 3350

    Phone: 03 5338 4444
    Fax: 03 5338 4499


    104 Queen Street
    Bendigo 3550

    Phone: 03 5443 8866
    Fax: 03 5441 3997


    Level 5, 76 Thomas Street (Arkana building)
    Dandenong 3175 

    Phone: 03 8792 9000
    Fax: 03 8792 9011

    Essendon Fields

    171-191 Hammond Avenue 
    Essendon Fields 3041

    Phone: 03 9223 6888
    Fax: 03 9223 6801


    Level 1, 1 Yarra Street
    Geelong 3220

    Phone: 03 5226 1200
    Fax: 03 5221 7861


    78 Lemon Avenue
    Mildura 3500

    Phone: 03 5021 4001
    Fax: 03 5021 4047


    37 Dunlop Road
    Mulgrave 3170 

    Phone: 03 9565 9444
    Fax: 03 9565 9400


    148-150 Welsford Street
    Shepparton 3632 

    Phone: 03 5831 8260
    Fax: 03 5831 1508


    Suites 1&2, 6-8 Grey Street
    Traralgon 3844 

    Phone: 03 5174 8900
    Fax: (03) 5174 9086


    24 Reid Street
    Wangaratta 3677 

    Phone: 03 5721 8588
    Fax: 03 5721 2740


    76 Henna St
    Warrnambool 3280 

    Phone: 03 5564 3200
    Fax: 03 5564 3210

  • WorkSafe Victoria Library

    A range of publications, journals and reports, are held in the WorkSafe Library at 222 Exhibition Street, Melbourne. Phone 03 9641 1548 or 1800 671 004.

    Mailing Address:

    GPO Box 4306
    Ground Floor, 222 Exhibition Street
    Melbourne, Victoria 3001

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