Report an incident

Understand whether an incident is notifiable and how to report it.

COVID-19 reporting

From 14 January 2022, employers and self-employed persons are no longer required to notify WorkSafe if they become aware on or after that date of a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis attending the workplace, even if the attendance was before that date.

If, before 14 January 2022, they became aware of a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis attending the workplace, please notify WorkSafe by contacting WorkSafe Advisory.

Employers and self-employed persons must also continue to notify WorkSafe immediately after becoming aware that a notifiable incident has occurred.

Report health and safety incidents to WorkSafe Victoria

Depending on the incident, there are a number of other important actions you may need to take, including notifying WorkSafe and preserving the scene if possible and if safe to do so.

Reporting an incident

  1. If the situation is still dangerous or high-risk, call emergency services immediately on 000
  2. Confirm if the incident is notifiable

    Find out what type of incidents must be notified.

  3. Ensure the incident scene is not disturbed until a WorkSafe inspector arrives

    However, incident scenes can be disturbed if necessary to:

    1. protect a person's health or safety
    2. help someone who is injured
    3. make the area safe (for example, if a person with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus (COVID-19) has attended the workplace during the infectious period, it is essential the site is cleaned and disinfected, in order to prevent further transmission of the virus)
  4. Notify WorkSafe immediately by calling 13 23 60

    We'll lodge details of the incident and email you a link to an online incident notification form.

    WorkSafe will then advise if an inspector will make a site visit and whether the incident scene can be disturbed before the inspector's attendance.

    Call 13 23 60.

  5. Report the incident in writing within 48 hours

    Once you have completed and submitted the online incident notification form, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your records. 

  6. Having trouble completing the online form?

    If you are having trouble completing the online incident notification form, download a print copy of the incident notification form, and email the completed form to: [email protected] or post to:

    WorkSafe Victoria
    PO BOX 279
    Geelong VIC 3220.

  7. Save a copy of the incident notification form

    You are required to keep a record of the form for at least five years.

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