Duties for employees at a major hazard facility (MHF)

Information for operators and employers about the legal responsibilities of their employees working at a major hazard facility in Victoria.



Employers, including operators, at a major hazard facility are required to protect employees from any risks to health and safety created by their employment. At the same time, employees have a general duty relating to health and safety, as well as specific duties associated with MHFs.

Summary of employee duties

The OHS Regulations require employees at a major hazard facility to:

  • follow prevention and risk control measures put in place by the operator
  • follow emergency procedures where necessary
  • immediately inform the operator of any circumstance that they think could lead to a major incident, and
  • take corrective action where necessary and notify a supervisor of any action taken

Safety role for employees

Operators and/or employers must also develop a safety role for employees covering how employees will work with the employer to achieve safe operation.

The safety role includes procedures for employees to follow in assisting the operator to:

  • identify major incident hazards and major incidents
  • conduct or review a safety assessment
  • adopt or review risk control measures
  • establish and implement a safety management system