Early intervention physiotherapy framework (EIPF) fee schedule

View current and past early intervention physiotherapy framework fee schedules.

Early intervention physiotherapy framework fees effective from 1 July 2021

WorkSafe will pay up to a maximum amount for the following categories of the service.

Initial consultation

Initial subjective and objective assessment and treatment of a new patient. Initial consultation fee includes the time taken to complete a Physiotherapy Management Plan for submission to the Agent/Employer/Medical Practitioner

Early intervention extended consultation

Maximum of two early intervention extended consultations can be billed within the first seven months from date of injury. These consultations are utilised to support RTW or a complicated recovery. Prior approval from the Agent is not required.

Standard consultation: ongoing assessment and treatment

Certificate of Capacity

Used when completing a Certificate of Capacity. This code can be billed in addition to a consultation item code if required. See guidance material on the WorkSafe website for further information.

Post-operative consultation

This item can be billed for a maximum of 3 months of treatment following surgery (from first post-op physio session). Surgery must occur within 30 months of date of injury. See guidance material on the WorkSafe website for eligible surgery types.

Extended consultation : prior approval required – refer to policy for eligibility criteria

Workplace assessment : employer approval required – includes travel

Travel: Prior approval required - refer to policy for eligibility criteria

Hydrotherapy and group consultation: rates are inclusive of travel for hydrotherapy consultations

Return to Work Case Conference

A RTW case conference is used to facilitate continuity of care, RTW and communication between relevant parties. If a RTW case conference is required, contact must be made with the Agent to facilitate the case conference and ensure appropriate representation from the Agent. The injured worker, Employer, and any member of the treating team can also be involved in the case conference. Administration and any follow up post RTW case conference is included in this fee.



Maximum fees listed in this fee schedule are exclusive of GST. If GST is applicable, WorkSafe Victoria will pay the GST component in addition to the maximum fee. Providers should provide a tax invoice where amounts are subject to GST. For queries regarding whether the services you provide to an injured worker are taxable (that is, subject to GST) please contact the Australian Taxation Office and/or your tax advisor.