Free tools and advice for creating mentally and physically safe workplaces



There's no one-size fits all approach to occupational health and safety and it varies depending on your business size, industry, location, mode of delivery and many more factors. To help you understand what is required for your business and what works best for your employees, WorkSafe Victoria has created the OHS Essentials program and the WorkWell mental health toolkit – offering free tools and advice to help you meet your OHS obligations. Check out these programs below.

WorkWell's mental health toolkit

A guided journey to creating mentally healthy workplaces. Designed by OHS and mental health professionals, we’ve taken the guess work out of it and even gathered trusted resources from organisations such as Beyond Blue, Black Dog Institute and more.

WorkWell Toolkit

Free advice from an industry expert

The free OHS Essentials program offers confidential, independent and personalised advice to keep you and your workers safe. Your consultant will work with you to identify hazards and risks and provide a practical safety action plan - personalised for your business needs and size.

OHS Essentials program

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