What to do

If an incident has happened at work it’s important to make sure that people are safe and there is no immediate danger still present. Once this is done there are several other actions you may need to take depending on the type of incident. Some examples include:

Report an incident

Employers, occupiers and people who are in control of workplaces and high risk equipment are required by law to notify WorkSafe about some types of incidents. To find out more about these incidents, the process for reporting and your legal duties visit Report an incident.

If the incident is reportable it’s important that the incident scene is not disturbed until an inspector arrives. Sites can only be disturbed to protect a person’s health or safety, help someone who is injured or to make the site safe.

Record any injuries in your Register of injuries

Every workplace must have a Register of injuries. A Register of injuries is a document that contains the particulars of all injuries that have occurred at a workplace and is readily accessible to a worker. There is link to an approved form below.

Make a claim

If a person has been injured or become ill due to an incident at work they may be eligible to claim compensation for time lost from work, treatment expenses, or other compensation.

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