Report health and safety incidents to WorkSafe Victoria

Depending on the incident, there are a number of other important actions you may need to take, including notifying WorkSafe and preserving the scene if possible and if safe to do so.

How to report an incident

  1. If the situation is still dangerous or high-risk, call emergency services immediately on 000
  2. Confirm if the incident is reportable

    Find out what type of incidents must be reported.

  3. Ensure the incident scene is not disturbed until a WorkSafe inspector arrives

    However, incident scenes can be disturbed if necessary to:

    1. protect a person's health or safety
    2. help someone who is injured
    3. make the area safe
  4. Notify WorkSafe immediately by calling 13 23 60

    We’ll lodge details of the incident and email you a link to an online incident notification form.

    WorkSafe will then advise if an inspector will make a site visit and whether the incident scene can be disturbed before the inspector’s attendance.

  5. Report the incident within 48 hours

    Complete and submit the incident notification form online quoting the incident reference number.

    Note: To report an incident online, please download and install the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (iPad devices are not supported right now). If you need assistance, please contact Advisory on 1800 136 089 (7.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday) and select menu option 6.

  6. Save a copy of the incident notification form

    You are required to keep a record of the form for at least five years.

Record any injuries in your Register of injuries

Every workplace must have a Register of injuries.

A Register of injuries is a document that contains the particulars of all injuries that have occurred at a workplace and is readily accessible to a worker.