Major hazard facility: Notification, registration and licence

What it is and how to notify, register and get a licence.

Email WorkSafe to notify


How to notify, register and get a licence


  1. Notification - no fee applies
  2. Registration - no fee applies
  3. Licence - fee varies. This is based on the time required to assess the safety case. As of the 2023-24 financial year, it is capped at $104,477.31.

Registration validity

Registration is valid for up to 30 months.

At least six months before the registration expires, an application for a licence must be submitted to WorkSafe. The application must include a copy of the facility’s safety case containing all the details required under Division 8 of Part 5.2 of the OHS Regulations.

Additional information

As part of the licence assessment process you may be required to provide WorkSafe with additional information as requested. WorkSafe will also usually go out to the facility to verify safety requirements stated in the safety case and to ensure compliance with the relevant parts of the OHS Regulations 2017.

If granted a licence, the licence remains valid for the length of the licence period shown on the licence. This can be up to 5 years.