Major hazard facility: Notification, registration and licence

What it is and how to notify, register and get a licence.

How to notify, register and get a licence

Step 1. Notification

You must notify WorkSafe in writing:

  • before operations commence (if you intend to operate a major hazard facility (MHF) – either new or modified).
  • within 30 days, if you store over 10% of the threshold quantities for dangerous goods.
  • immediately if you store over 100% of the threshold quantities.

If you store under 10% of the threshold quantity, then you do not need to notify WorkSafe. These threshold quantities are set out in Schedule 14 of the OHS Regulations, Materials at Major Hazard Facilities.

Step 2. Registration

Following notification, WorkSafe will determine if you are an MHF. 

  • If you are determined to be a MHF, then your facility will be registered with WorkSafe.
  • Following registration you have 30 months to achieve full safety compliance including a licence to operate an MHF, within 24 months you must submit a safety case to WorkSafe for assessment.

Step 3. Licence

If all of the licensing requirements for a licence to operate an MHF are met, WorkSafe will grant an MHF licence. A licence fee applies. WorkSafe will advise you of the amount.

If your application for a licence to operate an MHF is not granted, your facility will either have to:

  • cease operations, or
  • reduce storage of threshold quantities of Schedule 14 materials to under 100%, or if the facility was determined as an MHF to a quantity determined by WorkSafe.

For detailed information about how to notify WorkSafe about the notification and registration process for a major hazard facility see the Guidance note: Notification and registration of a major hazard facility.


  1. Notification - no fee applies
  2. Registration - no fee applies
  3. Licence - fee varies. This is based on the time required to assess the safety case. It is capped at $93,438.20 in regulations.

Registration validity

Registration is valid for 30 months. 

At least six months before the registration expires (ie. 24 months after the facility is registered), an application for a licence must be submitted to WorkSafe. The application must include all of the details required Under Part 6.1 of the Regulations including a copy of the facilities' safety case.

Additional information

As part of the licence assessment process you may be required to provide WorkSafe with additional information as requested. WorkSafe will also usually go out to the facility to verify safety requirements stated in the safety case and to ensure compliance with the relevant parts of the OHS Regulations 2017.

If granted a licence, the licence remains valid for the length of the licence period shown on the licence. This can be up to 5 years.