Notification and registration of a major hazard facility

How to register a dangerous goods site as a major hazard facility (MHF).
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Mar 2011

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What it contains

This guidance notes advises operators of dangerous goods sites about notifying WorkSafe Victoria when the facility meets the threshold for a major hazard facility (MHF). It explains:

  • how and when to notify and register the facility as an MHF
  • what information you must include in the notification
  • what’s involved in registering the facility, including timeframes to complete a Safety Case outline
  • a compliance checklist for notifying and registering an MHF

At the end of this document, there is advice on:

  • assessing quantities of dangerous goods at a facility
  • how to identify hazardous materials and decide if they meet the MHF threshold
  • what to consider for amounts of specific materials that are ‘present or likely to be present’
  • how quantities should be grouped