Paying your injured worker

Step 1. Pay your worker in line with their certificates of capacity

Your worker will give you their medical certificate (Certificate of Capacity). It will detail any time off work they need and/or different tasks or duties to help their return to work.

If your worker’s weekly payments claim is accepted, you’re required to pay the first 10 days of your injured worker's time off work as part of the excess of your insurance premium, unless you've selected the 'excess buyout' option on your WorkCover premium.

If you do not have the excess buyout option, your WorkSafe agent will let you know how much to pay your worker. This amount is based on your worker's pre-injury average weekly earnings (over the last 52 weeks or less if applicable) that were included in the claim.

Fill out the calculating pre-injury average weekly earnings form and send it to your WorkSafe agent.

Your WorkSafe agent will reimburse you for any weekly payments that you make to your worker after their first 10 days.

Step 2. Send all Certificates of Capacity to your WorkSafe agent

Forward all Certificates of Capacity to your WorkSafe agent as soon as you receive them from your worker. Keep a copy of these for your own records.

Your WorkSafe agent will help keep track of how much you've paid your worker and make any adjustments – the level of weekly payments decreases after payments have been received for 13 weeks and 52 weeks (if an overtime or shift allowance has been included in the PIAWE calculation).

Step 3. Pay any medical excess

As part of the excess of your insurance premium your organisation is also required to pay the first $692 (2017/18, indexed annually), for the reasonable costs of medical and related expenses for your worker, unless you have the excess buyout option on your WorkCover insurance premium.

Remember to keep copies of all invoices or receipts and forward them to your WorkSafe agent once you’ve paid the excess amount.

After the excess has been paid, your WorkSafe agent will work directly with your worker and their healthcare providers to pay for treatment. If you receive any invoices or receipts from your worker forward them to your WorkSafe agent.

For more information on buying out  the excess on your claims, see how premiums are calculated.